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The Prehunt is back! Click here to access this year's prehunt.

Due to technical difficulties, Prehunt 2012 is currently down. I will get it in working order as soon as I can.

Prehunt 2012 is open! This is open to everyone! You can sign up via the "Register" link above.

As part of the lead-up to The Hunt we proudly present the Prehunt! The Prehunt is an online puzzle hunt which, when completed, leads to a final answer which is also a useful piece of information about that year's Hunt. Since every puzzle can be solved online, the Prehunt is open to anybody who wants to solve it.

The Prehunt consists of over 20 puzzles, the answers to which combine in numerous ways to lead to a final answer. The purpose of the Prehunt is fivefold:

Unlike The Hunt, which is held on a specific day at a specific time, and for which teams may not seek help from any person not on the team, Prehunt solvers are free to solve at their leisure, over the span of days or longer, plus they can ask friends and family for help, not to mention using the Internet.

Oh, and by the way, the final answer also gives a big clue to The Hunt theme!

Note: For those who are not attending The Hunt but doing the Prehunt online, the final answer will finish the Prehunt, making you or your team a Prehunt Winner! Of course, the answer won't be of much help to you afterwards.

So, if you like puzzles or want a useful Hunt hint, then try the Prehunt, and enjoy!

The Great Neck South High School Puzzle Treasure Hunt
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