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Welcome to Prehunt 2017!

The Prehunt is an old Hunt tradition, resurrected this year after several years' time off. It consists of a series of puzzles which ultimately lead to a significant hint concerning this year's Hunt.


The Prehunt will begin, this year, in school on Friday, October 27. The puzzle will be clearly detectable by anyone within the building. If you are not in school that day, or can't work out the whole thing, an online version of the puzzle will be released that afternoon. Check this page for a link to that version.

Here's this year's Prehunt!

The answer to this, and every other puzzle, in the Prehunt will be a two-word phrase which consists of two four-letter words. To access instructions for the next part of the hunt, go to http://www.weisswange.info/hunt/prehunt2017/[answer].html, where [answer] has been replaced by your puzzle's answer.

For example, if the answer to a particular puzzle were FAST FOOD, you would go to http://www.weisswange.info/hunt/prehunt2017/fastfood.html to access the following puzzle.

After you've completed a certain number of Prehunt puzzles, you will be given access to the final metapuzzle, which will use the answers to your other puzzles. Inserting the answer to the final metapuzzle into the web address above, just like you did with your other answers, will give you your final reward.

Important! To get full benefit of your final reward, the Prehunt must be completed before Friday, November 3, 2017!

Good luck, and have fun!