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Hunt 14: Saturday, November 11, 2017 starting at noon (over by 5:00 PM at the latest.) This is open to GNS students only. You can sign up via the "Register" link above.

Started in 2004 by Thomas Weisswange, the Great Neck South High School Puzzle Treasure Hunt is... well... hard to sum up. Based on the MIT Mystery Hunt, The Hunt is, at its heart, a race. Teams of 3 students compete with each other to be the first to reach a Finish Line hidden somewhere on the GNS campus. Getting to the Finish Line is not the difficult part. The difficulty lies in determining where the Finish Line is located. In order to do that, teams need to navigate a series of puzzles and challenges. Despite the fact that Mr. Weisswange is a math teacher, the puzzles are not particularly mathematics-related. In the past, the Hunt has required students to:

So the point of all this is: you want to play in The Hunt! It is a unique experience, a lot of fun, and an opportunity to see your school in a whole new light! So, find 2 friends, form a team of 3, and sign up for the Hunt! We've got snacks, drinks, and free prom tickets for the winning team! (Plus some prizes for the runners-up.)

Oh, and if you're curious about the sorts of puzzles that Mr. Weisswange can come up with, check out the Prehunt using the link above, and try that out too! It's like The Hunt, only a bit trickier, a lot longer, can be solved from any web-connected computer, and you can use all the help you want to solve it!

The Great Neck South High School Puzzle Treasure Hunt
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